Wednesday, May 29, 2013

White Rabbit - Completed

This was a very last-minute and makeshift costume, and that probably shows, but it was fun anyway.  

I put this together specifically for and wore this at WonderCon 2013.  Living in Long Beach at the time and being lucky enough to have pro badges, my roommate and I went to the convention on something of a whim.  Some friends who were staying with us for the weekend had a booth in Artist’s Alley, so we planned to just help with their booth and cruise the floor without the fuss of costumes - it was going to be a laid back weekend.  On Saturday morning, however, we decided it might be fun to dress up after all.  

Our options were limited to begin with, and most of my costume things were packed up in boxes for my impending move.  We really only had Dorothy and Mad Hatter as actual ready-to-wear costumes.  I didn't want to wear Dorothy again until I had sewn one myself and it was sized to me, and I didn't have my Ruby Slippers on hand anyway.  My roommate wasn't really thrilled with wearing her Mad Hatter as it was either - it needed some repairs - so she decided to ditch the water-spotted skirt and wear some wide-leg trousers with it instead.  In a stroke of rare genius, I remembered that I still had my novelty bunny ears unpacked and got an idea.

I initially planned to dress as the March Hare to match the Hatter.  It seemed simple enough.  When I looked up an image of the Hare, however, I knew almost immediately that I didn't have anything that looked close enough - I had pieces of similar styles, but not in the right color palette.  And unlike the Hare's brown ears, the ears I had were white and pink.  Then I just started pulling things out of the closet that matched the ears and were similar in style to what my roommate was wearing.  Simply by the nature of the pieces - primarily the white on the ears and the white blazer - the costume evolved into a generic dapper white rabbit.  By my association with the Hatter people still recognized me as belonging to Alice in Wonderland so I became the White Rabbit, but the design was very much my own interpretation and not meant to be screen accurate or even screen reminiscent (as I was putting the costume together I never even looked up an image of the film's White Rabbit, and looking at the White Rabbit after I realized his clothes are very similar in color scheme to the March Hare so my wardrobe was just as unsuited).

With the Hatter.  (Photo from
In the end I used the ears, a pink and purple plaid belt (as a necktie), white silver-pinstriped blouse, pink cardigan, ivory blazer, black wide-leg trousers, white socks, and black flats.

Detail.  (Photos from Free Isabelo and Steve Lee DeZarn)
It wasn't very grand and I didn't even stay in costume the whole day but it served its purpose, and I’m actually quite proud that I was able to make this from things just in my closet, the ears being the only actual costume-y piece.

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