Sunday, February 10, 2013

Ruby Slippers Version II - Bows and Sequins

These have been finished since last summer, but for whatever reasons (namely, not having the opportunity at the time, and being busy with other things and projects since) I never posted anything about them.  This isn't very in-depth, just a little something I wrote up around the time I made them.

Having finished my prototype pair of Ruby Slippers, I began a pair for a friend.  Because the shape of her shoes was a bit more accurate, and because I was able to implement some improvements in the construction process I learned while making the prototype, hers actually came out better (which is, being a commission, as it should be).

Rather than sequin each side individually, I started at the toe as before but sequined across both sides of the toe.  When I reached the toe line (the top of the center front), I continued up just one side of the shoe and secured the string in the back, avoiding the accidental overlap from before.  I then went back down to the toe area on the other side where the sequins ended and began gluing again, disguising the end of the string so the seam wasn't visible, and continuing up that side to the back and securing the string again.  I did the same on the heel, gluing across both sides of the heel in one step instead of doing each side separately.  This made the pattern more even and removed the step of gluing in loose sequins to cover the gaps, which made for a more uniform finish.  I painted the sole and gaps around the heel and top of the shoe the same, and also made the bows the same way.  I also used all the same materials as the prototype pair.

Hopefully in the next few weeks I can do a proper photoshoot with my roommate (as these are her shoes) to get some nice shots of the shoes completely finished.

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