Wednesday, April 25, 2012

That's a Wrap!

After five long days of shooting, we finished principal photography on Cannibalism in the Cars (working title) on Monday.  As such, my direct involvement is finished, though being an independent and voluntarily-staffed production, and being that I know the director, I may get called in to help with other aspects of post-production from time to time.  

Overall the shoot was, I think, a huge success.  Our cast and crew were all amazing, as were the volunteers at the museum where we filmed and the friends and family who stopped by from time to time to visit and help out.  There were a few small problems here and there, and I know I for one already have a running list of things that worked and things that didn't and should be changed next time around (fingers crossed).  But problems of all sorts have to be expected on a project like this, and considering what we were up against - financial and time constraints, large cast with small crew, wind and a heat wave - it went off incredibly well.  As challenging as it was at times, it was mostly a heck of a lot of fun, so I'll definitely miss all of it.  (On the other hand though, being done with my bulk of the project and now also being near the end of school's semester, I now have more time to work on personal and commissioned costume projects and therefore also to update this blog more regularly.)

I was holed up in wardrobe, on set, or running between sets for most of the shoot, so I didn't get many photos of the production process or actors in costume.  Until I can get copies of the "official" photos taken over the long weekend, I do have a small number of mine I can share:

Wardrobe department.
Two double tier racks (left and far right) and one single tier rack (center).
Prop table.
Green screen around the train car which featured as our primary set.
Train car interior (taken by phone camera, hence the poor quality).
These on-set photos are courtesy of Trisha Fortney, one of my lovely interns (yes!  I even had interns!) who was kind enough to take my camera out to one location while I was costuming actors for another.
Locals who brought their horses in for the scene.

Local musician Fiddlin' Pete.
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